Our Film Festival is located on the Elba Island, a magnificent island of the Tuscan Arcipelago. With the Elba Film Festival we wanted to create a space for creatives from all over the world to converge, connect and showcase one another's work.
Elba is lapped by pristine turquoise waters which are perfect to swim in September, when our festival takes place. Asides from visiting the different venues, meeting other likeminded creatives and watching the festival films, the island has plenty to offer: Swimming, hiking trails, kayaking and trekking, delicious fresh fish at many of the local restaurants right along the shore, a visit of Napoleon's residency in Porto Ferraio, even a live reenactment of some of the most important scenes of his life that takes place every week in the small mountain town of Poggio. Not everyone knows that Elba is connected to Napoleon, where he was exiled and lived for about 300 days.

During the one week that the festival takes place you will be given the opportunity to enjoy the island during one of its best times of the year. The Elba Film Festival staff will do all it can to make you feel at home and enjoy the thrill that it is to watch your own film on a big screen!

The best short film winner of the year will be awarded with a full scholarship to attend one of our three weeks screenwriting retreats in Tuscany:  http://nostosscreenwritingretreat.com/ 

For more information reach out to: Elbafilmfestival@gmail.com